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U.S. Government: Stop Arming Israel
8.10.2014 | Amnesty International
More civilians have been killed than fighters since the Israeli military Operation “Protective Edge” started on 8 July. Call on the U.S. government, Israel’s largest arms supplier by far, to urgently suspend arms transfers to Israel and to push for a UN arms embargo on all parties to the conflict. Since the Israeli military Operation “Protective Edge” started, more than 1,869 Palestinians have died, some 10,000 have been injured, and hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced as of 7 August. The United Nations has estimated that 1,380 of those killed in Gaza are civilians, including over 400 children and more than 200 women. Read and sign petition

‘Trigger-Happy’ Israeli Army and Police Use Reckless Force in the West Bank
3.2.2014 | Amnesty International
[Amnesty International] urges the USA, the European Union and the rest of the international community to suspend all transfers of munitions, weapons and other equipment to Israel. “Without pressure from the international community the situation is unlikely to change any time soon,” said Philip Luther. “Too much civilian blood has been spilled. This long-standing pattern of abuse must be broken. If the Israeli authorities wish to prove to the world they are committed to democratic principles and international human rights standards, unlawful killings and unnecessary use of force must stop now.” Read document

Lift the Restrictions on the Gaza Fishing Range
4.25.2013 | B’Tselem
Reduction of the fishing range in the Gaza Strip in response to missile fire on southern Israel constitutes collective punishment and severely damages the livelihood of Gaza fishermen. This past Thursday (21 March 2013) the IDF spokesperson announced that the Israeli military will once again reduce the permitted fishing range in the Gaza Strip from six nautical miles to three (approximately 5.5km). In doing so, the military reinstated the harsh restrictions imposed on Gaza’s fishermen prior to Operation Pillar of Defense. Read article

Peaceful Settlement of the Question of Palestine
3.19.2013 | HRJ Palestine Collective
WHEREAS, the United Nations General Assembly resolution, Peaceful Settlement of the Question of Palestine, has continually addressed the 4 final status issues, including borders, East Jerusalem, settlements and the question of the Palestinian refugees for 20 years now. The resolution is adopted every year by the UN General Assembly and receives confirmatory votes by the overwhelming majority of the international community. The number of negative votes is only between 2 to 7 depending on the year. Read document

Noam Chomsky: Palestine 2012 – Gaza and the UN Resolution
3.07.2013 | Chomsky Info.
An old man in Gaza held a placard that reads: “You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.” The old man’s message provides the proper context for the timelines on the latest episode in the savage punishment of Gaza. They are useful, but any effort to establish a “beginning” cannot help but be misleading. Read article

Palestine at the United Nations?
12.27.2012 | Jadaliyya
Ensuring that the UN initiative serves the internationalization of the struggle for Palestinian self-determination, rather than being a prelude to more negotiations that are but a fig leaf for deepening colonization, can hardly be considered an impossible task. It will require serious effort, and won’t succeed overnight, but it can and therefore should be done. To dismiss and miss this opportunity strikes me as a dereliction of duty. Read article

Important Facts about the Second Gaza Massacre
11.20.2012 | HRJ Palestine Collective
In light of the recent Israeli attacks targeting the people of Gaza there’s been a rise in public interest with regard to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The HRJ Palestine Collective believes that it is important to be aware of the facts surrounding this tragic situation at hand. Please note and circulate this information widely. The illegal and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and its inhumane blockade of Gaza (a form of collective punishment as it targets the civilian population of Gaza which is illegal under international law according to Amnesty International) must be stopped! Read article

Uprooting Palestinian Trees and Lives
08.21.2012 | Haaretz
Residents of the Palestinian village Beitilu watch helplessly as their trees are mysteriously mutilated. On the foot of the mountain, beneath the Swiss roofs, there is an entire olive grove. Its owners are allowed to work on it just a few days each year. Ask any moshav or kibbutz member whether he would agree to such an arrangement. To the north and east of the warm, Torah-centered settlement there are lands which have not been visited by their owners since the late 1980s. Read article

Akram Rikhawi on His 95th Day of Hunger Strike | Take Action Now!
07.16.2012 | UFree Network
UFree Network urges all human rights defenders around the world to take urgent action, and to publicise the case of Akram Rikhawi, 95 days on hunger strike, the longest serving hunger striker in the world. By his hunger strike Akram Rikhawi represents the voices of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees. UFree Network has issued Action Alerts since Akram’s condition became critical – we encourage you to distribute the letter campaign and ask MEPs to intervene immediately before he dies! Read article

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
07.09.2012 | Physicians for Human Rights-Israel
On 14 and 15 May, an agreement was concluded between hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners and detainees and the Israeli Prison Service (IPS). Despite this agreement, Israel has not changed its policy of administrative detention, family visits from the Gaza Strip have not been renewed, and punitive policies are still employed against prisoners and detainees. Moreover, at least one administrative detainee who was due to be released has had his detention order renewed in violation of the agreement. Read document

Settlers Firing Live Ammunition at Palestinians in Presence of Soldiers
05.25.2012 | B’Tselem
Around 5pm, a group of three settlers are seen standing with a soldier in front of the Palestinian youths, while all around there is mutual stone throwing. Two of the settlers seen were armed with M4 rifles, and one was armed with a pistol. One of the settlers is wearing what looks like a police cap. The video footage shows the settlers aiming their weapons at the Palestinians and firing. Read article or watch video

ICC Prosecutor Statement: Fears Over Justice for Gaza Victims
04.08.2012 | Amnesty International
A “dangerous” statement by the office of International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor that it cannot consider allegations of crimes committed during the 2008-9 Gaza conflict means Palestinian and Israeli victims seem likely to be denied justice, Amnesty International said. The Office of the Prosecutor today said that it cannot consider allegations of crimes committed during the conflict unless the relevant UN bodies or ICC states parties determine that the Palestinian Authority is a state. Read article

Israel and Palestine: Roots of the Conflict, Prospects for Peace | Lecture
03.18.2012 | Upcoming Actions & Events
Dr. Norman Finkelstein is a renowned American Jewish professor, political scientist, activist, and author who has worked on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for over three decades. He received his doctorate in 1988 from the Department of Politics at Princeton University and has written six books about the Israel-Palestine conflict. He remains one of the most passionate, well informed, and eloquent speakers about the conflict. View events page

Slingshot Hip Hop Film Screening
02.26.2012 | Upcoming Actions & Events
Slingshot Hip Hop braids together the stories of young Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank and inside Israel as they discover Hip Hop and employ it as a tool to surmount divisions imposed by occupation and poverty. From internal checkpoints and Separation Walls to gender norms and generational differences, this is the story of young people crossing the borders that separate them. View events page

Amnesty International: Israel Should End Use of Administrative Detention
02.18.2012 | Amnesty International
Palestinian activist Khader Adnan has been on hunger strike since 18 December 2011 in protest against his detention by the Israeli authorities without charge or trial. Khader Adnan started his hunger strike the day following his arrest from his home in the occupied West Bank to protest his ill-treatment by the Israel Security Agency (ISA). Read and sign petition

B’Tselem: Immediately Release or Try Administrative Detainee on Hunger Strike
02.12.2012 | B’Tselem
On 9 February, B’Tselem made an urgent demand to Minister for Intelligence Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor to bring about the immediate release of Khader ‘Adnan, an administrative detainee who has been on a hunger strike for 54 days. If he is not released, he must be charged and tried in a manner that respects his right to due process. PHR-Israel classifies his medical condition as life-threatening. ‘Adnan has not been told the evidence against him and is unable to refute the military’s accusations. Read article

Palestinians are Heroes, Braving Israeli Dictatorship
12.23.2011 | Haaretz
The Palestinians are heroes, and that’s the only fact that’s relevant after the slight shock of the hilltop thugs. The hands are the hands of thugs, and the head? The head is the head of the hostile regime under which the Palestinians live and which harasses them every moment of every day, week after week for decades. To live this way and remain sane – that’s heroism. “And who says we’re sane?” Palestinians answer me. Well, here’s the proof: self-irony. Read article

Record Number of Palestinians Displaced by Demolitions amidst Quartet Talks
12.13.2011 | Amnesty International
Israeli authorities have stepped up unlawful demolitions in the West Bank including East Jerusalem over the past year, displacing a record number of Palestinian families from their homes, an international coalition of 20 leading aid agencies and human rights groups said today. “Israel’s escalating violations show the fundamental failure of the Quartet’s approach”. Read article

Norman Finkelstein & Jonathan Rosenhead on BDS
12.03.2011 | Norman G. Finkelstein
On November 11th of 2011, at University College London, renowned political analyst and activist Professor Norman Finkelstein and Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, chair of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) discussed Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). Each spoke for 20 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of open discussion with the audience and ending with 10 minutes closing response by each speaker. Read article or watch video

Ceasefire Magazine: Conversation with Norman Finkelstein
11.23.2011 | Norman G. Finkelstein
In an exclusive and revealing video interview, internationally-renowned scholar and author Norman Finkelstein talks to Ceasefire editor-in-chief Hicham Yezza about life, politics and peace in the Middle East. Born in 1953 in New York, his parents had both survived the Nazi concentration camps. The rest of his family was exterminated in the Holocaust; a defining, guiding experience throughout his life. Read article or watch video

Palestinian Freedom Riders Violently Arrested on Israeli Settler Bus
11.16.2011 | Palestinian Freedom Riders
Inspired by the Freedom Rides of the Jim Crow American South and asserting their own aspirations for freedom, justice and self determination, six Freedom Riders boarded a settler bus at 3:30 pm in the occupied West Bank near the illegal Jewish-only colony of Psagot. In a scene reminiscent of the early U.S. civil rights movement, border police and army surrounded and shut down Jerusalem Bus 148, blocking the Freedom Riders at the Hizmeh checkpoint. Read article

Occupy Birthright Israel, Un-Occupy Palestine
11.13.2011 | Jewish Voice for Peace
A group of 10 young Jews with YJP: the young adult wing of Jewish Voice for Peace issued their new declaration “Occupy the Occupiers: a Jewish Call to Action” in novel form last night. Using the “human microphone” or “people’s microphone” made famous by the Occupy Wall Street protests they interrupted a Birthright Israel Next-sponsored event. Read article or watch video

Young U.S. Jews Aim ‘Occupy’ Movement at Birthright Israel
11.10.2011 | Haaretz
In a mission statement titled “Occupy the Occupiers: A Jewish Call to Action,” the Young, Jewish, and Proud (YJP), described as the youth wing of the left-leaning Jewish Voice for Peace movement, called out to young Jews to “stand up to the 1% in our own community, the powerful institutions that support Israel’s corporate-backed military control of the Palestinian people and act as the gatekeepers for our community.” Read article

Women’s Embroidery Cooperative in Hebron, Palestine
11.02.2011 | HRJP Store
Support struggle against occupation, patriarchy and workplace hierarchy! Select from a variety of handmade embroideries to support the Women’s Cooperative in Hebron. They are the only independent, female run and managed shop in this city in occupied Palestine. Your funds will be used to support their work. Embroidery selection

United States Should Step Aside as Mideast Broker
11.02.2011 | Israeli Occupation Archive
When it comes to Arab-Israeli diplomacy the American monopoly on mediation needs to be terminated. The reason is simple. Washington’s systematic failure over several decades has disqualified it from acting without adult supervision. Rather than the marriage counselor who must be balanced because both spouses are angry, the US is the arbitrator who sleeps with and solicits bribes from the more powerful disputant, and fixes outcomes accordingly. Read article

U.S. Halts UNESCO Funding Over Palestinian Vote
10.31.2011 | Reuters
The United States said on Monday it had stopped funding UNESCO, the U.N. cultural agency, following its vote to grant the Palestinians full membership. The agency decided on Monday to give the Palestinians full membership, a vote that will boost their bid at the United Nations for recognition as a state. UNESCO is the first U.N. agency the Palestinians have joined as a full member since President Mahmoud Abbas applied for full membership of the United Nations on September 23. Read article

Greater Israel or Peace? (McConnell Interviews Finkelstein and Mearsheimer)
10.23.2011 | The American Conservative
Shortly before Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in New York to seek United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state, TAC’s Scott McConnell sat down with Norman Finkelstein and John Mearsheimer to discuss the deeper currents shaping the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since then, President Obama has given a speech shocking in its deference to Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s right-wing coalition, and there is no immediate prospect for renewed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations—the “peace process” begun with discussions in Oslo, Norway in 1991. Read article

Israeli Human Rights Center Documents the State’s Use of Fire Arms
10.16.2011 | B’Tselem
From the beginning of the second intifada, on 29 September 2000, until 31 December 2010, Israeli security forces killed 4,927 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including 970 minors (under the age of 18). At least 2,227 of those killed did not participate in hostilities; 239 were objects of targeted killing. Thousands more were injured. These figures do not include the Palestinian casualties in Operation Cast Lead, a major military attack Israel launched on the Gaza Strip from 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009. Read document

Hate Speech Finds a Mainstream Platform
10.09.2011 | Jadaliyya
It is not often that major international publications respond to crackpot opinion pieces in other newspapers. Yet Robert L. Bernstein’s latest tantrum against the Palestinians, which the Washington Post published instead of steering the author to an extremist website, was so far beyond the pale that The Economist felt compelled to issue a rejoinder. Read article

Q&A: Human Rights Implications of the Palestinian Bid for UN Membership
10.02.2011 | Amnesty International
Diplomatic efforts by the Palestinian Authority to upgrade its status at the UN have received much attention at the General Assembly in New York. The Palestinian Authority is requesting full membership of the United Nations, as part of its strategy to seek broader recognition of a Palestinian state. As a human rights organization, our concern is that any resolution, initiative or agreement fully respects the human rights of Palestinians and Israelis. Read article

Palestinians Left Homeless as Israel Demolishes West Bank Houses
09.25.2011 | Amnesty International
Israeli military bulldozers demolished three homes and water cisterns in ‘Aqaba village in the northern West Bank on Thursday morning, leaving 22 people, including 12 children, homeless. Since the beginning of the year, over 750 Palestinians in the West Bank have been displaced after their homes were demolished by the Israeli military, nearly five times more than in the same period last year, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Read document

FAQ on Statehood Bid
09.17.2011 | IMEU
The Palestinian Authority had earlier announced its intention to issue a unilateral declaration of statehood for the State of Palestine encompassing the entirety of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. These areas have been under Israeli military occupation since 1967 despite UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions condemning Israel’s occupation, and despite an advisory opinion ruling by the International Court of Justice. Read document

A State of Palestine: The Case for UN Recognition and Membership
09.01.2011 | Al Shabaka
Is the strategy of seeking international recognition from and membership of the United Nations (UN) this September for the State of Palestine a meaningful move or just a gimmick? What benefits would UN membership bring given that Israel may still retain de facto control over the occupied Palestinian territories? What would the impact be on the growing movement for a one-state solution? Read article

We are all Victims of Terrorist Logic
08.23.2011 | Haaretz
So this is how the occupation develops into war, which the commentators, in their righteousness, call a war “that neither side wants.” Really? Do Military Intelligence and Shin Bet not know that Hamas will fire rockets if the air force kills people in the Gaza Strip? Of course they know. There are an abundance of moral justifications: occupiers should be eliminated; occupiers are not civilians (they are all soldiers ). And revenge, of course. Read article

Challenging the Insupportable Arguments Against Palestinian Statehood
08.11.2011 | The National Interest
In their near-hysterical efforts to prevent Palestinians from asking the United Nations to recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination and statehood in the West Bank and Gaza, Israel and the United States have put forward a number of insupportable arguments that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. Read article

Undercover Police Detain 13-Year-Old Playing Soccer in East Jerusalem
08.05.2011 | B’Tselem
On the afternoon of Friday, 22 July ’11, several youths were playing soccer in a street in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-’Amud. Footage from a security camera located outside a nearby shop shows a police vehicle crossing the street and then a Border Police jeep arriving and blocking one end of the street. Read document or watch video

Israel’s Supreme Court Orders State to Dismantle Largest West Bank Outpost
08.03.2011 | Haaretz
Unprecedented ruling states that Migron must be razed by April 2012; Israeli government had admitted outpost was built on lands belonging to Palestinians, but has thus far failed to dismantle it. Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday issued an unprecedented ruling ordering the state to dismantle the largest illegal settlement outpost in the West Bank by April 2012. Read article

What Do ‘Flotilla Folk’ Do and Why?
08.01.2011 | The Jerusalem Post
Being, so to speak, of the “flotilla folk” ourselves, we read with some interest Rothstein and Seid’s idle speculations on who our shipmates might have been, for idle speculations they certainly are, the writers having never contacted any of us. In fact, at least when it comes to the American-flagged boat, The Audacity of Hope, we are not nearly as much of a mystery as one might imagine. Our biographies are all publicly posted at Read article

Israel Sues Bedouin Villagers for Cost of Repeated Evictions
07.29.2011 | Amnesty International
Residents of a Bedouin village in Israel’s Negev desert are facing a lawsuit for the cost of Israeli government agencies repeatedly destroying their homes and other structures. Israeli authorities filed a claim for 1.8 million NIS (more than US$500,000) with a court on 26 July for the expense of destroying the structures and evicting the residents of al-‘Araqib village as many as 28 times over the past year. The most recent eviction took place on 25 July. Read document

Officer Points Loaded Weapon at Palestinian’s Head in Beit ‘Ummar
07.26.2011 | B’Tselem
On 18 June ’11, soldiers arrested a Palestinian youth at a petrol station in the village of Beit ‘Ummar for allegedly throwing stones. The youth’s cousin, Rami Abu Mariah, was at the station. According to Abu Mariah’s testimony to B’Tselem, he asked the soldiers to delay the arrest until the station owner arrived. He related that, after heated discussion with the soldiers, he tried to approach his cousin. An officer holding the rank of First Lieutenant, who had arrived with the force, loaded his rifle and directed it at his face from very close range. Read document or watch video

Israel Draws International Criticism for Sweeping Anti-Boycott Law
07.21.2011 | Democracy Now!
Israel has passed a new law outlawing citizens and organizations from advocating for boycotts against any Israeli person or entity. The law is drawing criticism from around the world as an attack on freedom of speech. Under the new law, any person, including journalists, calling for the boycott or divestment of Israel or the occupied West Bank can be sued by the boycott’s targets, without having to prove that they sustained damage. Read transcript or watch video

No Minor Matter: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors Arrested by Israel
07.18.2011 | B’Tselem
From the beginning of 2005 to the end of 2010, at least 835 Palestinian minors were arrested and tried in military courts in the West Bank on charges of stone throwing. Thirty-four of them were aged 12-13, 255 were 14-15, 546 were 16-17. Only one of the 835 was acquitted; all the rest were found guilty. Palestinian minors charged with criminal offenses are tried under the military legislation applying in the West Bank, which grants them very few of the special rights relating to persons their age. Read document or watch video

Israel Anti-Boycott Law an Attack on Freedom of Expression
07.14.2011 | Amnesty International
A law passed by the Israeli Knesset (parliament) making it an offence to call for a boycott against the state of Israel or its West Bank settlements will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Israel, Amnesty International said today. The controversial law, passed on Monday night, makes it a civil offence to call for an economic, cultural, or academic boycott of people or institutions in Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) for political reasons. Read document

Noam Chomsky: In Israel, a Tsunami Warning
07.11.2011 | Israeli Occupation Archive
In May, in a closed meeting of many of Israel’s business leaders, Idan Ofer, a holding-company magnate, warned, “We are quickly turning into South Africa. The economic blow of sanctions will be felt by every family in Israel.” The business leaders’ particular concern was the U.N. General Assembly session this September, where the Palestinian Authority is planning to call for recognition of a Palestinian state. Read article

Amnesty Report Calls for Comprehensive Arms Embargo on Israel and Hamas
07.08.2011 | Amnesty International
Amnesty International released a report today ‘Fuelling conflict: Foreign arms supplies to Israel/Gaza’ calling for a comprehensive arms embargo on both Israel and Hamas. Amnesty researchers during their fact finding mission in Gaza found both Israel and Hamas used weapons supplied from abroad to carry out attacks on civilians. The report states that Israeli forces used white phosphorus and other weapons supplied by the USA to carry out serious violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes. Read document

Waiting for Godot on the Gaza Flotilla
07.04.2011 | Al Jazeera
Unlike the existentialist play, Palestinians are facing a meaningful struggle to stay human in the face of oppression. The flotilla constitutes a provocation, a declaration to Israel that it does not own every aspect of Palestinian existence and that Palestinians too have international supporters [REUTERS]. I left Gaza just as word began to circulate of attempts by various governments – the United States, Greece, Cyprus, and even UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon – to prevent or at least delay the departure of the boats participating in the latest Gaza flotilla. Read article

U.S. Flotilla Boat Stopped by Greek Coast Guard after Setting Sail for Gaza
07.01.2011 | +972 Magazine
The Greek Coast Guard intercepted the Gaza flotilla’s American ship this afternoon, less than one hour after it had set sail from the Athens port. The Greek authorities demanded the boat return to the port, resulting in a protracted standoff at sea, with the captain of the U.S. boat in talks with the authorities over their demands. After a couple hours, and under the threat of an armed takeover by the Greek authorities, the boat agreed to be escorted back to land. Read article

Israel: Halt Home Demolitions
06.24.2011 | Human Rights Watch
(Jerusalem) – Israel should end discriminatory policies that have forcibly displaced hundreds of West Bank Palestinian residents from their homes, Human Rights Watch said today. In demolition operations on June 14 and 21, 2011, Israeli authorities displaced more than a hundred residents of three West Bank communities, including women and children, destroying their homes and other structures. Israeli authorities should compensate the residents and provide them with housing, Human Rights Watch said. Read article

U.S. Boat to Gaza – Emergency Response Plans
06.22.2011 | US To Gaza
The U.S. Boat to Gaza organizing committee urges people throughout this country to plan now for Emergency Response actions. The power of such actions will be the number of cities they are held in and the numbers of people who participate. Now is the time to start planning. Once you have your local plans in place be sure to contact the U.S. Boat to Gaza organizing committee. We will add your information to our website, and provide a link to your site. Send your information to us at  Read article

Supporting The Palestinian BDS Call From Within
06.18.2011 | Boycott!
The Israeli State has initiated a rebrand’ campaign in order to distract attention from Israel’s ongoing violations of Palestinian human rights and legitimize its senior politicians, like Shimon Peres. Your participation in the Israeli Presidential Conference will endorse this campaign.
Hundreds of artists, academics, filmmakers, and writers worldwide have expressed their support for the human rights based Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, and recognized its pivotal role in the process of bringing an end to Israel’s systematic human-rights violations. Read document

Caterpillar: Stop Bulldozing Palestinian Lives
06.13.2011 | BDS Movement
Note: Though the following speech and petition have already been submitted, you can still sign an additional petition addressing Caterpillar’s shareholders (sign petition).
An Israeli newspaper reported that an Israeli army D9 dozer operator said, and I quote: “I had no mercy for anybody. I would erase anyone with the D9. They were warned by loudspeaker to get out of the house before I came, but I gave no one a chance. I didn’t wait. I didn’t give one blow and wait for them to come out. I would just ram the house with full power, to bring it down as fast as possible.” Read article or sign petition

Worrying Increase in Home Demolitions
06.13.2011 | UN Relief and Work Agency
The latest numbers from the United Nations show a two-fold increase in the number of Palestinian homes and agricultural buildings destroyed by Israel this year, causing concern among officials.
The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) recorded 70 demolitions since the start of 2011, displacing 105 Palestinians, of whom 43 were under the age of 18. The demolitions were carried out across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and ordered by Israeli police, municipal officials and by mandate of the Civil Administration. Read article

US Activists Prepare to Break Israel’s Blockade on Gaza
06.11.2011 | The Electronic Intifada
It’s precisely because of the horrendous role that the US government has played literally for decades now that people inside this country need to have strong voices.
The organizing for an American boat to join the flotilla began a year ago. Ten days after Israeli forces killed nine activists aboard the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship seeking to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza on 31 May 2010, hundreds of people streamed into a Manhattan church basement for a report on the attack. The one question on everyone’s minds was: “What could we do next?” Read article

How Can We Help The Palestinian Cause?
06.09.2011 | Norman Finkelstein
On Wednesday 23rd January, The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) hosted a workshop entitled “How can UK Residents Help the Palestinian Cause?” The guest speaker was Norman Finkelstein, and this audio is a record of the event (includes transcript for part I).
Finkelstein: As it happens, the world court in order to render its decision on the legality of the wall, it had to first address those final status issues. Exactly the ones that Saeed mentioned as it happens. The borders, the settlements, and Jerusalem. They’ve rendered a decision; the highest judicial body in the world has decided on those issues. Well what did they decide? Read transcript or listen to audio

Israeli Military’s killing of Nakba Protesters Must be Investigated
06.07.2011 | Amnesty International
Israeli forces fired artillery shells, live ammunition, gas canisters, and sound bombs at protesters.
Amnesty International today called on the Israeli government to launch a full, impartial and independent investigation into the Israeli military’s use of force yesterday against Palestinian and Arab demonstrators, after at least 12 people were killed and hundreds more injured at Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria, as well as in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Read document

Did Obama’s Mideast Speech Signal U.S. Shift on Israel-Palestine?
05.31.2011 | Democracy Now!
We host a roundtable with author Norman Finkelstein, Palestinian human rights lawyer Noura Erakat, and Jeremy Ben-Ami, head of the lobby group J Street.
Finkelstein: The U.N. has this resolution called “Peaceful Settlement of the Palestine Question.” It’s every year in the United Nations, in November of each year. And every year they outline the principles for resolving the conflict. We don’t need Mr. Obama to conjure up new principles any more than we needed President Bush to conjure them up. Read transcript or watch video

Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s Death
05.26.2011 | Guernica
We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic.
It’s increasingly clear that the operation was a planned assassination, multiply violating elementary norms of international law. There appears to have been no attempt to apprehend the unarmed victim, as presumably could have been done by 80 commandos facing virtually no opposition—except, they claim, from his wife, who lunged towards them. In societies that profess some respect for law, suspects are apprehended and brought to fair trial. I stress “suspects.”  Read article

Norman Finkelstein: Arab Dignity Will Bring Peace to The Middle East
05.25.2011 | Ahram Online
In a lecture that linked Egypt’s revolution to the balance of power in the region, the renowned American academic Norman Finkelstein painted the clear fear change will induce in Israel.
Presenting facts and testimonies, Finkelstein refused to label what happened to Gaza in 2008 as a “war,” insisting that what took place there was a “massacre.” Presenting Israel’s excuse for this massacre as false, for Hamas did not provoke this response from Israel, he moved on to the real reason for the operation against Gaza. Read article

Human Rights and Justice For Palestine | HRJ Palestine Collective