Mission Statement:
We are a collective of activists and organizers with the long term goal to contribute to the ongoing global efforts aimed towards ending the Israel-Palestine conflict. We simultaneously work with and support works by communities in Palestine experiencing economic hardship under the decades-long illegal and brutal Israeli military occupation. In addition we continue to educate ourselves and our communities here and abroad about the human rights issues and injustices in Palestine due primarily to Israel’s occupation of its territories. It is important to emphasize that our use of the phrase ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’ is not our invention nor is it a “radical” view. We are simply referencing a term used by the world’s highest judicial body, the International Court of Justice and by the world’s highest political body, the United Nations and its member states bar U.S. and Israel. It is also used by all the mainstream human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch amongst many others. Furthermore the expression ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’ identifies the status of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as they have remained under Israel’s occupation since 1967.

Alongside education we use other means to reach our goals, one of which is to organize ourselves and our communities to take measures in forms of either direct or indirect action.

  1. Direct action includes those instances when community members are directly involved in seeing that their demands are met instead of relying on a second party. Organizing a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign at a university is considered a form of direct action where students rely on their collective power to stop their university from enabling war crimes and crimes against humanity by financial investments in companies that support the Israeli military. Another example is to organize a peaceful road block as an attempt to stop a particular shipment of an illegal U.S. military aid to Israel used to maintain and enhance its illegal occupation.
  2. Indirect action is another method of resistance where communities can provide support for those who have kept Palestinian life going despite all the hardships under Israel’s occupation. Support for trade unions to health workers, cooperatives, educators, farmers, lawyers, and other segments of Palestinian society along with other supportive organizations outside of Palestine by providing them with moral and material sustenance for the long haul are some examples. Presently we are working with the Women’s Embroidery Cooperative in Hebron, the Hirbawi Keffiyeh Factory and the Palestine Fair Trade Association, consisting of 1700 members in farmers’ collectives and women’s cooperatives.

As a side note we plan on directing part of our attention and efforts towards oppressed and exploited people in other regions of the world who are also struggling for equality, human rights and justice. This will depend on the availability and access to extra means and resources. We hope that you help us in your own way in our joint struggle for human rights and justice for Palestinians and others around the world.

In Solidarity,
HRJ Palestine Collective

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